Update on the future of CAM

Hi everyone,

I am sorry that I have not been writing as much as in the past. This past year has been a total cluster fuck to many of us on this beautiful planet, into which I hope you still see something beautiful beyond the reported stories. Our whole culture has really shown its face this past year and to be honest I more and more everyday do not want to play along anymore. If your head has been scratching over some of the posts from this past week I needed in some fashion to speak what I feel to be right.

You have every right to disagree with what I say and feel and even if you want unfollow, but I felt something sinister back in January of 2020 before the storm of the lockdowns in the spring. I am not claiming to be psychic, but there are times I feel things in my gut, or chest, that call to my attention… intuition. I got sick last year, recovered though I don’t want to label it by that C-word. My real trauma was losing my job, my livelihood, even a bit of my sanity. It was spring time, life was blooming, coming to life in nature and all I kept hearing from sources was sickness and death… something did not click together. This scenario keep playing out and I became more convinced this is a change in power structure disguised as a pandemic.

There is too much trust in sharply dressed experts and technologies today that we forget about our natural origins. Capital Science in my mind is corrupt in many ways and so is “modern medicine”. Yet the need to try things out with the so-called scientific method is absolutely a fundamental we all should believe in, I prefer to call it trial and error, and healing can take on many forms that are perhaps more beneficial, yet they are not owned and copyrighted by large corporations. No money for us, being the corporations, then it is considered bunk. To all the corporate, government and banking elites I have only one thing to say to you… fuck you. None of you care about us the masses, except gaining all our money, time and energy to do your biddings.

To all the protestors, to all those in extreme lockdown, to those who don’t want, or question the validity of the vaccine I stand with you. I would love to know more of you as I am in a way on my own. … Funny how it was never brought up how to strengthen one’s immunity via sunlight, mild exercise like walking and yoga, breathing, good eating, herbal remedies, acupuncture (or acupressure), or whatever. But this is not in the plan. A vaccine was promised then things would go back to normal… one was rushed (pre-planned?)… distributed and now more restrictions… I smell a rat, a rat that began to stink back in January of 2020 and it grows ever more vile.

Anime has not been much of a priority for me at the moment, I try at times, even watching Gundam 0080 and began writing about it, but there is more to life than sitting on my couch and watching TV. I still love the medium, it is beautiful, but it is also at times a distraction. I have many other interests as well, but I think in the current climate I want this site to use anime as a tool to say no to what is going on. I thank you everyone for giving time to read these writings on this site and I still want to add to the list, but not when we are at war.


…if it seems I am a little angry I am, but I want to channel it constructively instead of it eating at me. I once had dreams that I was pursuing in a small way up until this past year that I had to postpone in my greater life. Some I have reignited, yet I am not sure where they will go now in this era…

Kycilia Zabi… a fashion trend?

I don’t want to look, act, or behave like Kycilia Zabi… she was a fascist control freak who murdered her own brother in cold blood… though she was avenging the death of her father… still.

I am not afraid to breathe, which means I am not afraid of life. Too many people are worried about death, but perhaps they are too afraid to question authority and actually life their own lives on their own terms.

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